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Want to get out into Mount Rainier National Park, but don't own the gear to do it? We have everything you need.

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This gear was supposed to go up Mount Rainier...

Then 2020 Happened.

Welcome to The New Whittaker Mountaineering

New look. Same Gear.

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Best in class Gear and apparel selected by the RMI guides.

Gear selected by guides.

Whittaker Mountaineering was born out of the need for RMI to make sure their clients had the appropriate gear to get to the top of Mt. Rainier safely. After decades of trying, reviewing, arguing-over, and recommending gear, we can’t help but know what we’re doing by this point. We know what works, we know what doesn’t, and we use that expertise to stock our store. 

Outfitting Simplified

Guide Pick

The best gear, handpicked by RMI guides.

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