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Guide Pick

Best in class gear and apparel selected by the RMI Guides, the ultimate product test team.

We’ve spent a lifetime in the mountains. When it comes to gear we won’t compromise. Leveraging the collective knowledge of the RMI Guide Team, we select and direct you to top mountain gear. Guide Pick™ is outfitting simplified.

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Over 60 RMI Guides collectively spend 10,000+ days a year on the world's highest mountains.

Peter Whittaker, Whittaker Mountaineering Guide Team
Step 2

They're surveyed to find out what their favorite gear is, and why.

Peter Whittaker, Whittaker Mountaineering Guide Team
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The top products in each category are identified and stamped Guide Pick™ Just look for the logo!

The Nepal Cube Evo

Featured guides:

Ben Luedtke

Master of dad jokes. I'll keep you annoyed AND entertained on the mountain.

  • 13 summits of Mount Hood via 5 routes
  • 11 summits of Mount Rainier
  • Mount Whitney via Mountaineer's Route
  • Kilimanjaro via Marangu Route
  • Several summits in the Cascade Range
  • Ice/Rock climbing in OR, WA, CO, WY

Ben's GUIDE PICK: The Bight Gear Alpha Ascender Hoody

I would say the Bight Gear Alpha Ascender Hoody.  The overall construction provides a perfect balance of warmth where and when you need it.  I wear it everywhere. (Shop Men's | Shop Women's)


Taylor Bickford

 This mountain would be a lot cooler with a gondola.

  • 30+ summits of Mt. Rainier via the Disappointment Cleaver, Kautz Glacier, and Emmons Glacier routes
  • 2 expeditions of Denali
  • Summits of Cayambe and Cotopaxi, Ecuador; attempt on Chimborazo, Ecuador
  • Alpine climbs and expeditions in Alaska, Patagonia, and the North Cascades
  • Rock climbs, ice climbs, and big walls throughout North and South America

Taylor's GUIDE PICK: The Buff

A Buff is the rare piece of gear that I literally always bring with me in the mountains. It’s multifunctional, doesn’t weigh anything, and takes up no room when I’m not using it. I use mine to add warmth under a helmet, protect my face from sun and wind damage, keep sweat out of my eyes, and (most crucially) as a Chamonix-in-the-90’s headband. It’s also a great sleep mask anywhere in very northern latitudes, when the summer sun sets very late, if at all. At this point in my climbing career I’ve forgotten to pack just about everything once, but I always remember the buff. (Shop our Buff selection)

Jess Matthews

I'm just here for the tacos.

  • 45+ summits via 4 routes of Mount Rainier, Washington
  • 3 expeditions to Denali, AK
  • 1 expedition to Aconcagua, Argentina
  • 1 summit of Cotopaxi, Ecuador
  • Mt. Baker via the North Ridge, Coleman-Deming, and Easton Glacier routes
  • Ice climbing in Montana

Jess's GUIDE PICK: Julbo Shield Glacier Glasses

Glacier glasses with dark lenses are a must to protect your eyes when spending time on snow and glaciers, especially up high where the sun is more intense. On a climb or expedition that means you could be wearing them from sunrise to sunset, day after day, and in all kinds of conditions. The Julbo Shields are my favorite because they provide great coverage with a nice wide field of vision, they’re really light and comfy under a hat or helmet for hours on end, and they stay put! Whether I’m out for a hike or spending weeks in the Alaska Range these are my go-to for eye protection. (Get the Julbo Shields)



Dustin Wittmier

You're not on top 'till you're on top.

  • Mount Rainier: 40+ summits via seven different routes including ski descents of Fuhrer Finger, Emmons Glacier and Kautz Glacier routes
  • Denali: Expedition via the West Buttress
  • Mexico: 2 summits of Ixtaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba
  • Rock climbing throughout the West:  Red Rock, North Cascades, Smith Rock, Yosemite Valley, and Joshua Tree
  • 100 highest peaks in Colorado during summer 2016
  • Summits of all 19 Cascade Volcanoes

Dustin's GUIDE PICK: The Bight Gear Fissure Tech Fleece

I recommend the Bight Gear Fissure Tech Fleece. I love the length for staying under a harness and the maneuverability is excellent, especially for vertical climbing when your arms are above the head. The hood fits perfectly over a helmet and the chest pocket is convenient. I am also finding out (through SIGNIFICANT testing) that these are quite durable! (Shop Men's | Shop Women's)