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Welcome to The Gear Cache


We've all been there

You're drinking a beer with your buddies, getting stoked for the upcoming season, but in the back of your head you've got a little voice telling you "Your boots won't last another two miles, let alone another full climb." Having dependable, good looking gear shouldn't cost you a fortune, and that's why we created the Gear Cache. 
The Gear Cache is our "experienced" (a.k.a used) gear section.
That means it's also home to the best stories and biggest discounts (from 30-90% off) in our store. Most of the gear comes from our rental program and the guides over at RMI, which means that it has usually seen only about a season's worth of use, and gives you an excuse to say your boots have been to the top of Rainier. Plus, it means you get to follow one of the 3 Rs in sustainability; reuse!  
All of our gear has been vetted extensively by our staff
We make sure everything functions as it's meant to, is as clean as it can be, and isn't ridiculously worn out. We don't resell any safety equipment (i.e. harnesses, helmets, beacons, etc.).