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Expedition Program Rentals

Welcome to the RMI Expeditions Rentals portal! If you've signed up for RMI Expeditions' Denali, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Mexico Volcanos, or Ecuador trips, and are looking to rent some gear, you're in the right place.

How This Works

1. Pull up your RMI Expeditions Gear List in another tab - you'll find links to all non-Rainier programs just above the Rental Portal. If you don't see your program, click here.

2. Choose the gear you need from the rental portal below. You'll complete the entire process, including checkout, in this portal. If you need help understanding how the portal works, click here.

3. Your rentals will ship out 2 weeks before the start of your reservation if your order contains items that need to be fitted.

4. Once your trip is complete, you'll have 10 days to send the items back. For more info on rental shipping, click here.

When entering your reservation dates, they should start the day you leave for your climb, and end on the last day of your climb.


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*Hours of operation are subject to change based on the RMI Rainier Climbing Schedule

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