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Julbo Jupiter OTG Goggles

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The XL frame, designed for larger faces, adapted for prescription lens wearers! Good ventilation and a specific foam adapted to any kind of temples: let's enjoy gliding with a wide vision angle.

Air Flow : Venting incorporated into the frame for good air circulation to prevent formation of fogging.
Anatomic frame : Cuts on the frame for more flexibility.
Anti-fog coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
Cosy Soft Foam : Single density foam for comfort and a soft-touch layer for softer contact with skin.
Easy Clip : Additional buckle on the back of the strap for improved goggle placement.
Extended Outrigger : 15 mm extension on each side of the goggle for compatibility with all helmets and an even grip on the face.
Full silicone strap : Strap lined with a silicone strip for perfect grip.
OTG (over the glasses) foam : Thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.
Ventilated lens : Additional ventilation via the lens to prevent any fogging.

Jupiter OTG Goggles

Jupiter OTG Goggles