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Forty Below Camp Booties

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The Forty Below® Camp Booties™ are the best synthetic insulated camp booties for outdoor trips, winter camping, expeditions, and even around the house or cabin!

The unique lacing enables support and control while walking around, along with the rubberized sole fabric with a grippy dot shaped pattern, making these an ideal camp time footwear.  With synthetic insulation, they help keep your feet warm even if damp, and they dry fast. The closed cell foam footbed adds cushion and added insulation, and is removable, so they can be used like a sock when inside a sleeping bag, on inside double shelled boots as a liner while the original liner is removed for drying at night.

Size Chart
SmallWomen's 5-6.5
MediumWomen's 7-10 / Men's 6-9.5
LargeWomen's 10+ / Men's 10-11.5
XLMen's 12-15

Sizing details/measurements:
fits a foot length up to 9.0 inches/23cm: (women US size 5-6.5).
Medium: fits a foot length up to 10 inches/25.5cm: ( women US size 7-10/men US size 7-9.5). (Fitting note: if you area a size 9.5 and have a large volume/ wide foot, you should order the size Large for the best fit).
Large: fits a foot length up to 11 inches/28cm (women US size 10)/ men US size 10-11.5).
(Fitting note: if you are a size 11.5 and have a large volume/ wide foot, you should order the size X-Large for the best fit).
X-Large: fits a foot length up to 12 inches/34.5cm (men US size 12-15).

For sizes larger than 15, please contact us for custom made size to fit.

Product Details

The sole is made of a thin waterproof unique rubber, embossed into a fabric with a small dot pattern, that stays flexible at 40 below and sheds snow easily. The lower side rand is made of Cordura nylon that is waterproof coated.  Taffeta nylon upper, and taffeta nylon lining to make them easy to take on and off with wool socks on.  Drawstring with cordlock top closure.  A very helpful feature is the removable closed cell foam footbed, so you can wear the Forty Below® Camp Booties™ inside the plastic mountaineering or ski boot shell when it is removed, helpful when your boot liner is drying.  Machine and hand washable.  Air or low heat dryer for drying.

Insulation:  The 40 Below™ Camp Booties™ are insulated completely around and under your foot for maximum insulation.  We use Lamilite®, a proprietary insulation from Wiggy’s Inc. made from silicone treated continuous polyester filament fiberfill, so they dry fast if they get wet. We love the Lamilite® because it has many unique advantages over other types of insulation: The filaments are bonded to the nylon face fabric to allow for maximum loft thickness and durability. The fibers are coated with silicone, instead of glues or binding agents, which enables the fibers to spread apart, rather than clump together, enabling them to be as lofty as possible, and allows for water to travel on it easily for faster drying.  These are considered vegan camp booties, as they are not made with down or feathers, all materials are synthetic.

Laces: The unique ribbon style lacing 5/8″ wide goes over the top of the foot and around the ankle, to tie in the front with a bow.  It helps provide support and control on your foot, no more floppy booties! 

Lightweight: They are very compact, and superlight at only 10 ounces per pair size medium!

Shell Fabric:  Made of taffeta style smooth nylon that is not coated so it allows for moisture to escape and enable the camp booties to stay drier from perspiration.

Inside Fabric:  a smooth nylon fabric to enable easy entry with socks on and to stay drier.

Sole Material: The sole is made of a unique thin (1-2 mm) waterproof rubber fabric, bonded to a slightly stretchy nylon fabric with a small non-skid dot pattern, that stays flexible even at -40F and sheds snow easily.

Lower Side Rand: For added durability, and made of Cordura nylon that is waterproof coated.

Insole:  Made of 1/4″ thick removable closed cell foam.  This has many benefits, as you can replace them with a different custom insole of your choice, add sheepskin insoles, or enable you to wear the 40 Below® Camp Booties™ inside the plastic mountaineering or ski boot shell when their liner is removed for drying them.  This feature also enables them to be used like a sock, making it functional to wear them inside a sleeping bag and allow for the foot to move more freely in the bottom.

Key Features:
Made in USA!
Synthetic insulation helps insulate even if damp, and dries fast.
Sole is a rubberized fabric with a dot pattern for “non-skid” .
Laces help add support and control!
Superlight! Only 10 oz. for size medium!
Very compact for packing.
Fits into double shelled mountaineering boot or AT Ski boot/Snowboard boot shell when it’s liner is removed for drying.
Removable Closed Cell foam footbed for cushion and added insulation.
100% made of synthetic materials.

Machine or hand washable:  Remove lacing first, use mild soap or detergent, and Air Dry or Low Heat setting on dryer.

Weight: 10 oz. per pair size Medium.

Height: approximately 8″ (20cm) tall size Medium.

Colors: Royal Blue, OD Green, Purple, Black.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL.  From women’s 5 to men’s 15.


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Camp Booties

Camp Booties


Customer Reviews

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Eric Westendorf
Comfortable and warm

Haven’t yet taken them to Denali, but they’ve yet to come off my feet since I bought em. Super comfortable and warm!!