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At it's core, mountaineering seems pretty simple. One foot in front of the other for hours (sometimes days) on end, slowly chipping away at the behemoth in front of you. But just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's easy. Mountaineering takes endurance, technique, skill, and an ability to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. At Whittaker Mountaineering, we've been outfitting the world's best mountaineers for decades, and we've picked up a few things over the years. We, in collaboration with the guides at our sister company RMI Expeditions, have distilled that knowledge into a series of guides, what we call Mountain Logicâ„¢. Mountain Logicâ„¢ is the collective knowledge of our Guide Team, leveraged from centuries of guiding and climbing the great mountains of the world. It is mountain philosophy simplified.

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Also known as next to skin, long underwear, first layer, and performance layer. The baselayer is the first layer of your system regardless of weather. It is a quick drying, fast-wicking, non-cotton layer that moves moisture, sweat, and vapor away from your skin and quickly transfers it out. Breathability and moisture management are its primary function.

Here are some of our suggested Baselayers:


The Logic behind Baselayers with Peter Whittaker and Melissa Arnot

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