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Black Diamond Contact Crampons

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Designed for ice and snow travel, the lightweight Black Diamond Contact crampon is ideal for mountaineers, skiers and hikers. Its stainless steel construction won't rust and avoids environmentally toxic coatings that wear off in the mountains. The compact, 10-point design offers easy walking, while the fast-adjust attachment system accommodates almost any footwear. ABS plates included.

A perfect general mountaineering crampon that will work well not only with mountaineering boots but ski boots and overboots as well.  These crampons have been a stand-by for Whittaker Mountaineering for many years.  They will translate well from Mt. Rainier to other mountaineering pursuits.

Why is this a Guide Pick?
Peter Whittaker

Peter Whittaker

This is the best all around, general mountaineering crampon. I've worn these all over the world. These are great for climbers of every level, a simple binding system that works with a wide range of boots and moderately aggressive front point, perfect for glacier walking.

Size Chart

Leather Boots: Typically, if your boot is larger than a size US 12, you'll need a long bar.
Plastic Boots: Typically, if your boot is larger than a size US 10, you'll need a long bar.

Long bar not included.

Product Details
  • Distinctive stainless steel construction doesn't rust, is more durable, resists snow balling and saves weight
  • New lower-profile fit for better contact with modern boots
  • Flexible toe strap fits most footwear
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Includes dual-density ABS
  • Weight Per Pair : 808 g/1 lb 13 oz (Strap)
  • Size : One size fits 36 - 46. 46+ will require our long center bar. (Not included)
  • Materials : Stainless steel
Contact Crampons

Contact Crampons