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MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set

$64.95  $48.71
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Whether you're out on a solo backpacking trip or you've tagged a long with a new group of friends for weekend camping, come prepared with your MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set. With a compact pot, bowl, and cup included, you'll be ready to chow down whether you're making your own soup or you're digging in to an all-camp feast. This dishware set's pieces fit perfectly into each other so you can pack them up and stuff them in your bag on the go without having them take up a ton of room. They're also lightweight so they can keep you well-fed at camp without weighing you down on the trail.

  • A lightweight cooking set for eating well on your solo backpacking trip
  • Comes with a compact pot, bowl and lidded-cup that fit together
  • Hard-anodized aluminum pot spreads heat evenly for better cooking
  • Talon pot handle folds up for smaller storage space
  • Lightweight design keeps you light on your feet on the trail
Trail Lite Solo Cook Set

Trail Lite Solo Cook Set

$64.95  $48.71