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MTTA Update 3/19

MTTA Update 3/19

Author Kristian Whittaker

MTTA Report Friday March 19th, 2022

Lower Sno-Park to High Hut

Road Condition: 1 Rd up to the Lower SnoPark is completely clear of snow and ice. No need for tire chains. All vehicles must park at lower SnoPark. There are some large potholes to watch for while driving up. 

Trail Condition: There’s a ¾ mile walk on the dirt road from the Lower SnoPark due to low snow levels before being able to transition to skis or snowshoes. From there, there is low coverage for the next 1.5 miles.

Snow Condition: While the snowpack depth increases at upper elevations, the recent rain event created heavy, wet snow. Snowshoes and skis will be best for the current conditions. Micro-Spikes will do the job as well, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring along some gaiters if you plan on going up towards high hut.

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