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Black Diamond 10mm Dynex™ Runners

$7.95  $5.96
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An essential part of any alpine climber's rack, Black Diamond Dynex Runners are indispensable for building anchors, slinging natural features or extending placements to reduce rope drag. This highly abrasion-resistant, lightweight material won't weigh you down and absorbs less water than nylon, making it perfect for big routes and snowy or icy terrain. Each size is also color-coded for quick and easy identification on your harness.
Light, low-profile sewn runners for anchors, traditional protection and extended placements

Keeping rope drag and rack weight to a minimum, 10 mm Black Diamond Dynex™ Runners have a tight weave that increases durability and decreases bulk.

  • Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight
  • Assorted colors for 60 cm (24 in) Runners
  • Ink Blue for 120 cm (48 in) Runners
  • BD Orange for 240 cm (96 in) Runners
Product Details

Weight :

11 g, 0.4oz (30 cm)
19 g, 0.7 oz (60 cm)
39 g, 1.4 oz (120 cm)
72 g, 2.5 oz (240 cm)

Details :
Strength Rated to 22 kN/4,946 lbf.

10mm Dynex™ Runners

10mm Dynex™ Runners

$7.95  $5.96