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Blue Ice Aero Lite Ice Screw

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The AERO LITE are the lightest ice screws on the market, with an innovative 3-tooth steel bit for technical mountaineering.
They are available in 5 lengths. They use a stainless steel, 3 tooth tip, which allows for easy placement in all conditions.
The body and the hanger are made of aluminum to minimize weight.
The foldable crank is made of stainless steel.
The diameter of the screws is larger than the current ones on the market.
This makes it possible to safely use existing anchor holes. A color code makes to quick identification of the different lengths.
These are the ideal screws for technical routes where performance and lightness are key points.

    Product Details

    Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel

    • Color-coated knob and hanger to easily identify screw lengths: RED (10cm-58g), GOLD (13cm-65g), BLUE (16cm-72g), GREY (19cm-78g), GREEN (22cm-84g)
    • Teeth protective cap
    • Foldable stainless steel wire crank
    • Highly textured crank knob for secure handling
    • Certifications: CE EN 568, UIAA 151.
    Aero Lite Ice Screw

    Aero Lite Ice Screw