Used Gear Rating System

Pretty Gear Isn't Always the Best Gear. 


Because the gear we carry is so dang solid, it can go through quite a bit of cosmetic abuse before it stops performing like it should. We will make sure the gear you buy from us meets your expectations and functions as designed, regardless of whether it's new or used. That's why we've come up with a 4 tier rating system for our used gear; Admired, Liked, Loved, and Adored. 

Tier 1 - Admired: 

Practically new, likely never worn outside, just left alone and admired. Recent gear (within the last 5 years), preferably with tags. 

Tier 2 - Liked: 

Light outdoor use, only worn a few times. Recent gear (within the last 5 years), with very light wear. 

Tier 3 - Loved: 

Substantial outdoor use, probably about a season, and clear evidence that someone has loved this gear. Worn enough to be undoubtedly "second-hand."

Tier 4 - Adored: 

Someone has clearly adored this gear. Significantly broken in, showing multiple seasons worth of wear. May have small broken or missing parts, but nothing that detracts from the original functionality of the gear.