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The Yurt Winter

Photo Courtesy of Gene Glasunow

Title: The Yurt

 Permit: Snow Park Pass

 Length: 10.24 Miles Roundtrip

 Elevation: 1,100 ft, highest point 4,100 ft

 Difficulty: Hard



The Yurt is by far the most secluded of the four huts within the Mount Tahoma Trail System. A cozy studio in the wilderness surrounded by trees with access for a day hike to Griffin Mountain. While hiking be cautious of logging trucks driving on the forest road. Usually they are done by 2:00 p.m., and an agreement between the Department of Natural Resources and the logging company provides the access to these amazing huts! The lower parking lot has a pit toilet facility for use before starting on your trek. 

The hike to the Yurt is a long one coming in at 10.24 miles round trip so if you are planning on doing it in one day then give yourself plenty of time because the winter days can be short and it gets very cold at night up there. The Yurt is currently closed because of Covid 19 so if you are planning to stay the night make sure you bring a tent and the proper sleeping equipment.


Current Conditions:

Steep and muddy forest roads make it highly advisable to have tire chains or AWD/4WD. The trail system is currently operating out of the Upper Sno-Park and the snow pack at the trailhead is at 3 inches, deepening to several feet at High Hut. The trail is ski-able about a half mile out of the parking lot and higher; however, the trail is currently best enjoyed by snow shoe. Incoming Winter weather this week bring the hope of a deeper base, but also the threat of worse road conditions. Don’t forget tire chains!



From Elbe, drive east on SR 706 to just a mile before Ashford (about 8 miles). Look for a Baptist Church on the right side of the road, and turn onto the road just before it. This is DNR Road 1.

Road 1 leads straight to the Sno-Parks for the south district of Mount Tahoma Trails Association. Proceed six miles from 706 following the Sno-Park signs to the Upper Sno-Park.