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GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug 2.0

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Keep your beverage warm on the trail or during a long commute with the Infinity Backpacker Mug. This essential piece of gear comes with a cloth-wrapped insulated neoprene sleeve, non-slip footing, and sealable Sip-It lid to keep the contents warm (or cold) and free from spills, trail dust, and critters. The Infinity Mug holds 17.5 fluid ounces but weighs just 3.5 ounces, making it light enough for even the choosiest, ounce-shaving through-hiker. 

Product Details
Weight (lbs)0.3000
MaterialClear Polypropylene, Foam
Major Dimension17 fl. oz.
Includes17 fl. oz. Mug, Sealable Sip-It Top, Insulated Sleeve w/ Handle
Dimensions4 in x 3.6 in x 4.6
Infinity Backpacker Mug 2.0

Infinity Backpacker Mug 2.0