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Therm-a-Rest Sleep Liner

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Complete your sleep system quiver with the ultra-soft Sleep Liner. This machine-washable liner can be used on its own or partnered with a quilt or blanket using the sewn-in loops. Slide this into your sleeping bag to add up to 5F/3C warmth and provides a soft interior to your bag. Three-quarter zip allows easy entry and exit. Stuff sack included.

  • Brushed Polyester: Soft to the touch and easy to clean between adventures.
  • Quilt and Blanket Loops: Customize your sleep system by layering our quilts or tech blankets for increased warmth.
  • Added Warmth: Adds up to 5F/3C of warmth to your sleeping bag or quilt for nights when you need extra protection from the cold.


Why is this a Guide Pick?
Solveig Waterfall

Solveig Waterfall

A product with both a durable nylon bottom and a leak-proof valve that is easy to operate while wearing gloves is critical to restful sleep while logging nearly a month of cold glacial nights. This mat is worth it's weight in Alaskan gold, and yet it's still light enough to almost forget it's there...if there wasn't 75 pounds of other gear in my pack as a reminder!

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Sleep Liner

Sleep Liner