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Petzl Ange L

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The standard-size Petzl Ange L carabiner features the MonoFil Keylock wiregate system that combines the fluidity of a spring gate with the lightness of a wiregate for easy clipping.


  • Ange L Wiregate carabiner weighs only 34g yet has a gate open clearance of 26mm to make clipping ropes and protection simple
  • Straight keylock nose lets you clip and unclip slings, bolt hangers, nuts and cams without snagging; hole in the nose allows ice, snow and dirt to be cleared out
  • Surfaces that come into contact with the climbing rope are wider than other parts of the carabiner for smooth passage of the rope and reduced wear on the carabiner
  • Indent at the bottom of the Petzl Ange L wiregate carabiner keeps a sling properly positioned
  • Black deflector at the bottom of the gate works with the shape of the carabiner to keep proper position of the carabiner on its major axis
Ange L

Ange L