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Julbo MonteRosa

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Feminine from mountain peaks to city streets. For those ladies who explore the summits yet also enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban life, Julbo presents the MonteRosa. With removable shields, high protection lenses and a curved ergonomic shape, the MonteRosa offers adaptability, versatility and complete protection.

Product Details
  • Grip tech: Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold, does not stick to hair
  • Curved temples: Ergonomic profile to wear sunglasses on face or head
  • Removable Wings: Lateral protection against harsh sunlight
  • Total Coverage: Maximum protection in extreme conditions.

Spectron 4 Lens:

  • Light but with excellent shock resistance, this versatile lens is suitable for all types of sports activities.
  • Anti-reflective coating: improves visual comfort by eliminating stray reflections.
  • Flash finish: improves visible light filtering with mirror effect lenses. It reflects the rays of light and increases the filter effect. It eliminates the radiation reflected by the outer mirrored surface of the lens.
  • Visibility light transmission: 5%

Cat. 3 Polycarbonate Lens:

  • Light yet offering good shock resistance, this multipurpose lens is suitable for all types of activity
  • Visibility light transmission: 12%