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Petzl Meteor Helmet-2021

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Lightweight helmet with enhanced protection for climbing, mountaineering and ski touring

Designed for climbing, mountaineering and ski touring, the METEOR helmet is lightweight and low-profile, with excellent ventilation, making it comfortable for both summer and winter use. The design provides greater coverage and enhanced head protection. METEOR is the first CE-certified ski touring helmet. The points for integration of ski goggles make it a thoughtfully styled helmet optimized for ski touring. This helmet does not meet the requirements of the EN 1077 standard for alpine ski helmets.

Product Details

Detailed description


  • Lightweight, low-profile, ventilated helmet:
    - only 240 g
    - low-profile design of the helmet achieved using In-Mold construction with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner injected inside a lightweight polycarbonate shell
    - large vents offer excellent air flow
    - quality finish and a sleek design
  • Enhanced protection:
    - designed in accordance with Petzl’s TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label
    - designed for optimal protection against side, front and rear impacts
  • Suited for ski touring:
    - first CE-certified ski touring helmet
    - optimal ventilation on both the ascent and descent. The helmet can be worn comfortably from the beginning to the end of an outing
    - front of helmet is specifically designed for use with ski goggles
    - rear elastic band is compatible with ski goggle headbands
    - semi-rigid headband can be easily adjusted, even with gloves on
    - two clips in front and a rear elastic band help the user secure a headlamp to the helmet

    NOTE: This helmet does not meet the requirements of the EN 1077 standard for alpine skiing helmets.


  • Material(s): polycarbonate crown, expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner, polyester webbing
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12492, CE casque de ski de randonnée, UIAA

Other Information

Meteor Helmet-2021

Meteor Helmet-2021


Customer Reviews

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Steve McLaughlin - NW Mountaineering
Best Helmet for Mountaineering & BC Skiing

The Meteor is perfect for mountaineering and BC skiing. It is big enough to accommodate a hat. I love the magnetic latch for the chinstrap, and the way the suspension system securely fits the back of the head. The suspension system ensures the vital areas of the head are protected. The weight is just right for wearing over long periods of time and it adds very little substantial weight in the pack. The shell materials are robust, guarding against rockfall with enough room around the shell to deflect falling objects. When compared to other brands on the market, the Meteor is one of the best. In over 50 years of mountaineering and BC skiing using many different helmets, the Meteor is superior!