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Forty Below Bottle Boot

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Insulated Bottle Cover that is easy to use with mittens or gloves on, low profile so it does not take up too much room, and won't absorb water as it is made of closed cell foam insulation.  Used on expeditions around the world for many years.

  • Helps keep liquids from freezing in cold conditions.
  • Helps keep liquids cool in warm conditions.
  • Low Profile Design.
  • Closed Cell Neoprene foam insulation.
  • No zippers to break or freeze.
  • Webbing belt loop.
  • Velcro front closure

Note: Assorted colors available. Colors will vary.

Product Details
  • Insulation:  1/4" thick stretchy nylon covered closed cell foam (wetsuit type material).  Same thickness completely around the bottle.
  • Size - .5L: Fits most .5 Liter/Pint or 16oz Nalgene Bottles.  Fits a bottle up to 3" in diameter and 7" tall. (Weight 3oz (84g))
  • Size - 1L: Fits most 1 Liter/Quart such as 32oz Nalgene, Hunersdorf 1000ml, or 32oz Gatorade bottles.  Fits bottles up to 3.75" in diameter and 8.5" tall. (Weight: 4.5 oz (126g))
  • Size - 48oz: Fits the tall Nalgene brand 48oz water bottle, Nalgene 32oz and 48oz Flexible Canteen, 32 oz thermos.  Fits a bottle up to 3.5" in diameter and 12.5" tall. (Weight 6.5oz (182g))
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green
Bottle Boot

Bottle Boot