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Mountain Meals: How To Keep Your Body Fueled While Climbing

Most people are used to going out for a day of skiing or hiking, snacking on whatever’s handy, and coming home to a big, calorie-replenishing dinner. But the average summit bid on Mount Rainier requires that climbers be on their feet and moving for somewhere between 14 - 18 hours, meaning you’ve got to keep your body fueled.

 But there’s a catch; most people lose their appetite at altitude. Good climbers learn to choke down a couple hundred calories per hour regardless of how they’re feeling, because they know that the ability to fuel up is often one of the deciding factors between those who summit and the ones who don’t.

 In order to keep your appetite, try to have a variety of foods that stimulate the whole palate, form sweet to sour to salty. Don’t worry too much about the nutritional aspect of your meals; concern yourself more with high calorie intake.