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Gear Guides

Gear Guides

It’s mountain philosophy, simplified. The collective knowledge of 60 of the world’s foremost mountaineering experts – the RMI guide team.

When it comes to gear selection, expedition tips, and general mountain advice they know more than anyone. RMI guides are the ultimate gear test team and resource for all things climbing. Read More on the Mountain Logic™ Blog

Mountain Advice

RMI guides have been there, and can tell you what a climber needs to know before their trip and how best to prepare. Leading expeditions all over the world, they’ve developed a few tricks and techniques for making those long journeys safer and more comfortable.

Peter Whittaker, Whittaker Mountaineering Guide Team
Gear Selection

Get the low down on what works and what doesn’t. Our guide teammembers collectively spend over 10,000 days in the mountains each year, putting gear through the ringer. This experience translates directly into Guide Pick™ – a selection of the top performing products in each category.

Whittaker Mountaineering Guide Team

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