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Whittaker Mountaineering Mountain Meal Package

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matt D.
Great Option for Air Travellers

Having travelled with food before across the country (air travel), I can say that this is infinitely easier than having to worry about packing all of your meals prior to your trip. Great selection of food and, arguably, enough food for the hungriest of eaters (I'm still eating on it weeks later after the trip).

Brent Fletcher
Worth the time and money

It was not worth trying to figure out a meal/snack plan for myself when my goal was getting to the top of Rainier. So, I ordered the Mountain Meal Package and I am glad that I did. Besides the bag of snacks (sweet and salty), I picked 3 sandwiches and 1 mountain meal package. It was simple and an ideal way to reduce a little stress about what to eat. Besides, there are not a lot of food options near basecamp so I let Whittaker do the work and have he business. They did it well. Brent.

Roger Calvert

Mountain Meal Package

Emily LaRiviere
Great food for on top

They picked amazing trail food for on the way up and while on camp Muir. Allowed for one less thing to plan when going on the trip!

Mike Merrill
Was good

It was more than I needed. Nice job.